facade laminate

Facade panels

Wallsystems high-pressure laminate panels give you great opportunities to create creative, different, demanding and personal designs for both renovation and new construction. Choose digital prints and the possibilities are endless.

Our facade panels are ideal for architecture and consist of a solid core in combination with a decorative surface, consisting of weather-resistant heat-curing resins. Solid, compact and long lasting, and specially designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to natural weather (sun, rain, snow, heat, frost, etc.) which provides technical performance and makes it suitable for the construction sector, as an excellent alternative to traditional materials.
Thanks to digital printing technology, we can create a custom wall covering based on your drawing (graphic perspective) or photography.

In other words, the possibilities are endless!

Our facade panels are a laminate consisting of layers of cellulose fibers impregnated with heat-curing phenolic resins and of one or more surface layers of decorative paper impregnated with heat-curing resins, which have a special weather protection, all chemically bonded together with a high printing process 43: standard. Our facade panels are available in three different formats 3050 x 1300 mm, 4200 x 1300 mm and 4200 x 1610 mm.



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