Basic cubicle systems Sweden Rock in Sölvesborg!

basic cubicle systems

At Sweden rock we installed Basic cubicle systems to the bathrooms. We had the opportunity  (and luck) to take some pictures before the festival started. Rock on!


The simple thing is usually the obvious! Of course, in any case, Basic is a good choice when you want a simple but good solution for cubicle systems. The system fits in wet and dry environments and with few fittings you can handle most solutions, small spaces become effective rooms where you make the best use of the surface, only your imagination limits the areas of use. All fittings profiles and brackets are made of powder-coated aluminum / brass and the system therefore gets a very simple and clean design. The system requires minimal maintenance, a high pressure washer does the job, and of course, the Basic is also covered by our 10 year liability for damages caused by moisture or mold, according to particular responsibility.