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Cubicle systems

BASIC, FROST and SPACE are made to withstand the tough stresses that will be exerted on eg. sports arenas. Both from audiences and victorious or frustrated players after a tough match. Our goal is that our cubicle systems should be just as fresh year after year. We also want to make it easier for the users by providing a screen cubicle systems that is easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning is easy with all-purpose cleaner and the material can withstand even high pressure washing.

Our cubicle systems are available in arenas, sports facilities, schools, public environments and everywhere you need functional cubicle systems. Common to all is that the hygiene departments with showers and toilets must withstand moisture, shocks and hard wear. The material in our screen cubicle systems is both hard and tough. It is difficult to make the marks in and difficult to crack. BASIC, FROST and SPACE are guaranteed to be sustainable. Thanks to the long life span, the simple cleaning and the special properties of the compact and space of Space and Basic, we dare to leave 10 years of responsibility against damages caused by moisture or mold, according to special responsibility.

The products are listed in the database for buildingproducts that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.

Basic Cubicle system

The simple thing is usually the obvious! Of course, in any case, Basic is a good choice when you want a simple but good solution for cubicle systems. The system fits in wet and dry environments and with few fittings you can handle most solutions, small spaces become effective rooms where you make the best use of the surface, only your imagination limits the areas of use..

All fittings profiles and brackets are made of powder-coated aluminum / brass and the system therefore gets a very simple and clean design. The system requires minimal maintenance, a high pressure washer does the job, and of course, the Basic is also covered by our 10 year liability for damages caused by moisture or mold, according to particular responsibility.

Frost Cubicle system

Frost screen wall system gives the shower room an extra luxurious look. Unlike laminate products, the material is 10 mm thick plexi. We have now expanded the choice to include not only colors and patterns but with plexi you also get some transparency. It gives a larger light transmission to a bright and happy environment.

By using the same profile system as Space screen wall system, we have not had to haggle on the quality but got a simple but reliable design that always works thanks to the thoughtful profile system. Frost screen wall system is a wise choice for public shower rooms for gyms, hotels, sports facilities, etc. just to name a few.

Space Cubicle system

In the environments where Space exists, it must be easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning is easy with high-pressure washing and the system requires minimal maintenance, which is why we dare to leave 10 years of liability for damages caused by moisture or mold, according to special responsibility.

There are a variety of colors and patterns and customization options to choose from. Flexibility is a word of honor and that is why the system is used in many different environments, campsites, hotels, ships, catering, sports facilities and the food industry are just picks.